How to learn Hacking ?

Hacking is not just a simple term. It is a feild which includes several feilds, so firstly it should be clear to you that which feild you want to enter.
Hacking is not about mugging up things, learning things it is all about implementation of your knowledge.
Firstly, you can consult a professional ehtical hacker who can guide you and an show you the right path.
Secondly, you should make a perfect roadmap by gatherning information from different sources. Like :- You Tube, Google, Social Media etc.
The third step is to practice. The more you practice and gather knowledge, the better your results will be.

What are the prequisites ?

Whenever someone speaks about cyber security the first thing which pops-up in our mind is coding, high level programming languages etc. but that’s not true.It requires only few things:-

  • A never-give-up mindset
  • Basics of computer
  • Calmness and Bold attitude

Is it a must to have knowledge of Java, PHP, or some others of these types ?

No, not at all. It is not compulsory to have knowledge of programming languages. Programming language in cyber security is basically used to create tools for
performing different task and if you known it that is really good for you but in today’s time there are thousands of different tools paid and unpaid both which
can be used for your work.

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